Oil & Gas Online Portfolio Management

Plan. Integrate. Scale.

Your Oil & Gas Portfolio is complex. Managing it shouldn't be.

Our software automates managing and visualizing of your upstream Oil & Gas assets. Abandon clunky spreadsheets and let our software maximize your insight and control so you can focus on what really matters: running your business.

Unify Disparate Data Sources

Unconventional drilling transformed upstream into an exploding financial asset class. But with no unified financial management system and isolated datasets, capital allocation in upstream is inefficient and opportunities are missed. Lower48 unifies your disparate data sources into a comprehensive picture of your assets, freeing you from cumbersome processes to integrate, automate, and scale your big data.

Make Financial Decisions On Your Terms

You can’t afford information gaps or delays in this accelerating asset class.

Lower48 provides instant access to your key variables, offering expandable production and cost variables sets powered by integrated, persistent, and significant data. Whether you’re deploying your first portfolio or managing a massive operation, our solution evolves with you.

Integrate Portfolio Analysis & Management

With Lower48’s flexible, intuitive user interface, you can seamlessly move from configuring a production curve to reviewing portfolio returns to controlling your events calendar. Everything you need to plan, forecast, and deploy is at your fingertips in our cloud-based software.

Why you need Oil & Gas portfolio management software

Find Your Use Case

Financial investor? Value your assets and design your portfolio hedges

Private equity analyst? Value companies and make consistent acquisition and disposition decisions

Bank/ CLO Manager? Translate asset projections and economic environment assumptions into credit risk metrics

Buyer or Seller? Create efficient transactions with common valuation platform

Specialist reserve-based lender? Translate asset projections and economic environment assumptions into credit risk metrics and use information to price and structure innovative forms of leverage

Fiduciary/ Mineral Manager? Establish accurate reporting to power your client advising

Sell-side analyst? Make better investment recommendations

Business development or E&P professional? Value your assets and acquisition targets

CFO or E&P professional? Evaluate your organization's strategic plans and capital structure

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