7 Critical Elements of Successful Oil & Gas Software

Thanks to the rapid pace technology is advancing at, operations in the oil & gas industry are primed for revolution. Despite the clear opportunity for an evolved software in the industry, software providers are struggling to provide a viable software that can meet industry needs.

Overall, DrillingInfo suggests in a recent article, key barriers plaguing the industry’s software development are overcomplication and refusal to evolve. To realize success and offer the transformation the Oil & Gas industry is primed for,DrillingInfo outlines seven elements critical to success for oil and gas software:

Valuable Oil& Gas software must…

1.      Be intuitive and have a strong graphical interface

2.      Align with organizational needs

3.      Be proactive and deliver dynamic data quickly

4.      Be flexible and mobile

5.      Be customizable

6.      Leverage new technologies

7.      Be integrated


Although software providers serving a specialized industry are likely to encounter pitfalls, DrillingInfo argues the oil and gas industry needs a software provider that is highly evolved, sophisticated, and intuitive  - all while meeting the 7 requirements for oil & gas software. Any company that can answer this call to action will satisfy the industry’s need for a software to carry it forward into the next generation. It’s a tall order, but when met, this revolutionary software can transform industry processes and operations. Lower48 Analytics is designed to measure up, created with all the necessary tools and requirements for the Oil & Gas industry, and established with the 7 key elements of success top of mind.

  1. As an upstream data analytics and portfolio management software that intends to spearhead the charge into a new generation of software, Lower48 Analytics takes great pride in the intuitive feel and graphical power of its interface. The goal going into the creation of Lower48 was to bring a software to the world that anybody, from small time landowners to massive corporations, could feel comfortable using.
  2. Lower48 Analytics was built with technology that grants all types of Oil & Gas stakeholders the insight they need to best understand their portfolio.
  3. The data analytics provided by Lower48 are among the most powerful in the industry. The software was built from the ground up for the express purpose of providing customers with all of the dynamic capability and power necessary to truly get the most out of their data.
  4. Lower48 offers a solid dedication to flexibility, designed to change and evolve alongside its users.
  5. Customization with Lower48 is individual, which means every upstream Oil & Gas stakeholder  can customize the software to work for their needs.
  6. Not only was Lower48  customized built on the latest technology, but we are dedicated to maintaining technological advantage through constant user support, and maining technology revelance.
  7. Lower48 is equipped to integrate with any other software, giving stakeholders the power to mend the fractured data systems that plague the oil and gas industry. Lower48 strives to make disparate data sets a thing of the past.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can invest in your technology and win advantage ahead of the rush with Lower48, please call (512) 862-7824, or email sales@lower48.net.

Mitch Holt