Lower48 Analytics and Entoro Capital Team Up on Energy Asset Sales Platform

Lower48 Analytics and Entoro Capital are teaming up to create A&D Xpress™, an online marketplace for upstream oil and gas transactions. A&D Xpress will broker energy assets on Entoro’s proprietary securities platform, OfferBoard®, deploying Lower48 to model and value transactions. Lower48  supports transparent and efficient communication between buyers and sellers in a data-rich environment.

In the age of lower oil prices, upstream buyers are no longer grabbing reserves at any cost. Stakeholders are carving out operational efficiencies to compress average breakeven prices at the wellhead. In A&D, however, onerous transaction costs are penalizing all stakeholders.  Upstream markets are beset with inconsistent valuation tools and a Craigslist-esque approach to due diligence. Transactions can take weeks, if not months, to finalize while buyers and sellers are held hostage by virtual data rooms, lost emails, clunky excel models, and inconsistent valuation philosophies. 

Imagine a transparent, accurate way to negotiate upstream transactions.  

At Lower48 Analytics, we have developed just the tool, available as SaaS in the cloud, delivering Wall Street-quality analytics with Main Street transparency to the sales process. Lower48 brings its users collaborative workflows and data integration via an intuitive geolocated interface.  As stakeholders in this multi-trillion-dollar asset class pivot their strategies from grabbing reserves to optimizing returns on capital, Lower48 is ideally positioned to support everyone who needs to make a financial decision in Upstream.

Learn more about how A&D Xpress with Lower48 can help you transact.